For most people, their summer vacation can’t come soon enough or last long enough for that matter. We all love it, especially if it involves some exotic destination with clear blue waters and those oh-my-God sandy beaches. And even though there are a bunch of people who’ll be more than happy simply sunbathing on such a beach, there are also those who want to make the best of their summer vacay in a different, more active way. If you’re one of the active ones, here are some suggestions for water sports you could try this year, as well as their health benefits.


This one is an easy pick, since most of us know how to do it, and those who don’t can learn easily at any point, since the majority of community pools offer swimming lessons around the year. And if you’re feeling hot at a beach, surrounded by those crystal waters, chances are you’ll want to cool down by swimming. As basic as this particular water sport is, its benefits on your health are amazing. First of all, it’s a very effective cardio, but also muscular workout. It can help you burn a bunch of calories and lose any extra weight you might be carrying, while also being good for those with arthritis, due to the fact that water makes you feel lighter and it doesn’t put any pressure on your joints. Furthermore, swimming is a great form of exercise for people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, so make sure you swim as much as possible during your vacation.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

These two activities aren’t just good for your physical health, but for your mental well-being as well. Just like swimming, they’re a wise choice for cardio and muscular workout, since your body gets to move against the natural pressure of the sea water, while your joints are under no strain. However, the mental benefits are something else that should definitely be mentioned here. The feeling of weightlessness while immersed in water can calm you down and relieve you of stress, and the incredible beauty of the underwater flora and fauna can boost your mood instantly. Also, if this is something you’re interested in, you should invest in some quality scuba diving equipment, since breathing and the way you control it as you explore the sea bottom can push your lungs to work harder and make them healthier in the process. And did we mention how much fun you can have? No? Well, try it and you’ll see.


This water sport is as risky as it is exciting, which is why you should probably ask somebody to help you the first few times you do it, and only then should you go on your own. Parasailing helps release any pressure and tension you feel in your body, and the wind blowing against your skin can seem therapeutic. Parasailing is considered an extreme sport, and as such, you’re bound to feel the adrenalin rush while doing it. It’s exactly this rush that intensifies your experience and makes it an unforgettable one. If you add to this the wonderful, salty sea air you breathe while parasailing, which can help detoxicate your entire body, you get an activity which can do wonders for your overall fitness and one which can make you feel awesome.


Whether you’re spending your summer at the seaside, on a river or near a lake, kayaking is always a welcome activity to try. Other than allowing you to see the water and everything around it from a new perspective, there’s a whole range of benefits you can reap from it. For example, the number of calories you can burn in just a few hours of paddling will have you losing extra weight before you know it. And not just that. Aside from losing weight, you’re also building your upper-body strength, toning your muscles and strengthening your core, and that can actually improve your self-image. In addition to all the vitamin D you’re getting from being exposed to sun, you’re also enhancing your mental health. It’s simple. Kayaking is an aerobic exercise, which is great for your mood and for stress-relief. And if this is something you’ve never given a chance before, why not do it now?

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