As an electrician, it is important to keep your clients up to speed on all of the current news in your business like great story ideas. There are plenty of topics that you could discuss for both residential and commercial electrical clients. From generators to solar power, there is definitely no shortage of electrical information that you could include in your electrician website content.

Here are the listed 8 great story ideas to get you started on writing your electrician website content:

1. How to teach your children electrical safety. 

  • At what age should you teach your children about the dangers of electricity? 
  • What are some age-appropriate lessons you can teach your child about electricity?

2. What are the 5 key signs that your office space needs some electrical work? 

  • What are the possible things that can go wrong if you put off the electrical work that your office needs? 
  • Are you liable for any damage to employees’ belongings because of your lack of maintenance of the building electrical?

3. What is the big deal with LED lights? 

  • What makes LED lighting so great? 
  • Should you only be using LED lighting in your home? 
  • Do LED lights make a substantial difference in your power bills?

4. What are the differences between LED, CFL, and halogen lights? 

  • Which one is the best for office work?
  • Which one is the best for general home use?
  • Should you replace all of the lights in your home with a single type of bulb?

5. How is electricity made?

  • What are the similarities between solar power and power that is made through a power plant? 
  • Is one form of electricity stronger than the other?

6. What are 10 electrical safety requirements for landlords?

  • What should a landlord do if faulty wiring is discovered in one of their occupied properties? 
  • When should a landlord consider that an electrical hazard requires a tenant to leave the property?

7. How can you responsibly recycle electrical wiring waste? 

  • What other electrical work produces recyclable waste?
  • What area facilities will recycle your electrical waste?

8. What is the future of energy-efficient homes?

  • Should new construction in homes include solar panels in addition to wiring electricity for the meter? 
  • How are the new construction trends set up to help save you money in energy costs?

Homeowners and businesses rely on more electricity than ever. Both customers and the electricians who serve them must work at keeping up with new technologies, increased energy demands, and cost concerns related to updated regulations or new equipment as they safely and efficiently power their homes or offices. 

In order to make more sales, it’s also vital for electrical service companies to educate customers on a wide array of electricity-related issues, and products like a switchboard upgrade are bread and butter content for an electrician. Electrician blogs and other forms of online content offer the perfect tool for achieving both. 

In Addition to great story ideas to keep you inspired to write your electrician website content

  1. How much does the average power bill increase during the holidays?
  2. What are 10 tips for choosing the right electrician to rewire your home?
  3. What are 10 tips for choosing the right electrician to rewire your office?
  4. What is the difference between a residential electrician and a commercial electrician?
  5. Can a residential electrician perform commercial electrical work?
  6. Can a commercial electrician perform residential electrical work?
  7. How dangerous is it to be near a transformer if it blows?
  8. Is solar power as powerful as the power that is delivered from your electrical meter?

As a professional electrician, the best biscuits are paid in an emergency you’re tasked with staying ahead of electrical industry trends and adhering to best practices. Thanks to the proliferation of informative online content, it’s easier than ever to continuously learn new information through electrician blogs, webinars, podcasts, social posts, mentors, industry groups, speakers, and contractor events. 

Staying abreast of what’s changing and happening in the electrical contractors’ world ensures your company will remain a knowledgeable and sought-after service provider in your community. It also protects you and your electricians from making potentially costly or dangerous mistakes and gives you new ideas on how to increase profitability. 


As an electrical contractor, set aside spare moments to focus on some of the ideas in this guide that will promote your business. Many of these advertising strategies are manageable and won’t take up too much of your time. Start with the easy wins first like great story ideas for your website. Implement some of these electrician website content strategies, and you may soon start to see an uptick in new customer leads on your electrician business.

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